Whatcha Thinkin?

You most certainly are thinking about something today. Here are a few possibilities based on conversations I have had with others in the past week:

• You are worried about your kids’ anxiety and depression and want them to

be okay.

• You are furious at someone (maybe a family member who betrayed you).

• You are thankful and calm, taking every moment as it comes.

St Augustine photo.jpg

• You are over-focused on others (maybe a spouse who refuses to change to

what you want them to be).

• You go in and out of all of these states (worry, anger, thankfulness, over-

focused on others).

St. Augustine said, “Contemplation is the striving to understand those things that really and supremely are.”

There are things that are worth our energy, that are worth our time, that are worth our emotions. These are the very things that St. Augustine believes we should contemplate. To contemplate means “to look at or view with continued attention.”

Just as we don’t want to throw our money into the wind, it is the same for our thoughts.

In the middle of life’s concerns, between the emotions that rise up in us so easily and the tasks that we must be focused on, we have time to think. What are you contemplating?

There are a million different ideas and concepts, Scripture, or thoughts that you could contemplate. I encourage you to take a few minutes, right now, to contemplate one of the following ideas:

• Who do you want to be today? How do you want to interact with others?

What qualities do you want to exhibit and share with the world around you?

• What would it mean for you if you let go of the anger you have been

holding? What would your soul feel like without it?

• What peace are you designed to experience and share with others? What

actions would it take for you to encounter that peace? What things would

you have to NOT do in order to live in that peace?

• Maybe there is a Scripture, quote, or concept that could speak to you.

Peace to you.

Laura Demetrician