Growing Relationship

I had a coffee scheduled with a new person attending Pathways who submitted an In Touch Card indicating he recently asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. I followed up and we were scheduled to discuss next steps but he became sick and could not make it. However, he sought me out at church this past weekend and wanted me to know that he was faithfully attending services and that he wanted to re-schedule our meeting. He also wanted me to know that he grabbed one of the NIV Bibles in our Lobby and that he was almost to the Ecclesiastes passages that Adam referenced this past Sunday in his sermon. He had started reading in Genesis a few weeks ago and was closing in on Ecclesiastes already! He told me he would return the Bible when he finished reading through it. I told him not to worry about it, but keep it and encouraged him to keep going after it. Such an encouragement that God used Pathways to draw this individual into a saving relationship and the stack of Bibles in our Lobby to help him anchor his relationship and learn about God and how much he loves him.


Michelle Vanderlinden