Christmas Card Blessing

I wanted to give you an update on the Christmas cards that were handed out at church in early December.  You had challenged us to use the cards in the coffee line to pay for someone’s coffee and offer them the Christmas card.  I don’t frequent coffee shops (I guess I am too cheap and just make my own) but I did come up with some other ideas.  We had a total of three cards.

With the first card, my wife and I went to a Kwik Trip in Kaukauna, a week or so before Christmas.  I went inside and asked the cashier if there was anyone currently pumping gas outside that was going to come in and pay.  He looked at me questioningly and said that there were three people.  “Why did I want to know?” I explained that I wanted to pay for a strangers gasoline purchase as a Merry Christmas and have the cashier give the Merry Christmas card from Pathways to the individual when they came into pay and say Merry Christmas!  I paid for the person’s gas, gave the Christmas card to the cashier and scurried out. I am not sure of the persons response, but I expect they were pleasantly surprised and hopefully thought about Pathways church and the true meaning of Christmas. I know the cashier seemed to be touched by the experience.

For the second card, I bought a nice box (ok, not too nice, because remember that I am still cheap).  I attached the card to the candy and then on Christmas Eve, myself, my wife and four of my kids delivered the box with a Merry Christmas wish to the ER at Appleton Medical Center.  When we first walked in they seemed a bit concerned and asked if we all wanted to be seen.  They were much happier when we said no and that we had brought them candy instead!  We thanked them for their service on Christmas Eve and gave them the card from Pathways and the candy.

Our final card was also used on Christmas Eve.  After the hospital, we went to the Appleton Police department with our nice but not too nice candy and the Pathways card.  This delivery was a bit more awkward.  I had never been in the police department before so I was not even sure we could get in at 8pm on Christmas Eve.  We were able to enter, however, all the workers were behind glass windows with small slots: too small for that nice candy box.  So they sent out a fully armed and vested policewoman to receive our candy.  Maybe they thought it was really, really bad candy!  In any case, we wished her a Merry Christmas, mentioned the card and pathways church and thanked her for her service on Christmas Eve.

All in all, the cards were a great way for us to express our love for others and possibly open a door for Christ.  I can hardly wait for next year as I think this will be a new family tradition on Christmas Eve.


Michelle Vanderlinden