Thank you for making me feel so welcomed at Pathways. I had been attending another church for awhile, but never truly felt like I fit in. I started coming to Pathways in January.  From our first visit, I felt that there was something different about this church. I feel like the people at this church care for each other and care about making visitors feel welcomed. I have been attending the Wednesday women's group too, and love it.

The child care provided is wonderful. I am a single mom to twin 2 year olds.  Taking the twins anywhere generally results in a lot of curiosity, and when people discover that I am a single mom to them, I can usually see wheels turning in people's heads about why I'm single, and can feel them making judgments. I have not felt that at Pathways and can't tell you how grateful I am for that. I feel that this is a church that truly welcomes all, no matter what their past.

I have never tithed in the past,  I have never really felt called to do so until now. I had some hesitation when I signed up for the automatic payments, I'll admit that hitting the submit button was a little hard. I have only my income to provide for the girls, but I feel that it's right and that God will make it work. Thank you again for creating a place where all can feel like they belong.


Michelle Vanderlinden