Progressive Healing

For many years, I’ve had problems along the entire length of my back; but the last 3 1/2 years have been the most difficult. My left shoulder muscles completely locked up (what they termed a “frozen shoulder”), causing great pain and severely limited motion. Therapy has given me increased mobility in my arms and upper back and the pain in my arms is gone. When my arms were locked up, the worst part about it was that I couldn’t raise my arms in worship. Now I can. They tell me my back will never be 100%.

During all of this, I was praying to God for my healing, and others in the church were praying for me. I asked that God heal me or make me a testimony in my pain. Through His healing power and the wisdom He gave the doctors, I can now testify about progressive healing. When Pastor Adam gave his sermon about it was the first time I had ever heard of progressive healing. I realize now that it was happening to me. God’s been there for me, even when I didn’t know He was there. His love has healed me emotionally also. Since I was abused as a child, I thought the word “father” was evil. God has shown me how a father and a friend should be. He taught me what real love is. I used to feel that I was nothing, but God has shown me I am worthy to be loved.


Michelle Vanderlinden