Back in January, at my work Christmas party, I had the opportunity to talk to a co-worker who I rarely get a chance to see since we work in different areas of the building. After the usual pleasantries, the conversation turned to my marriage & how, she wondered, we kept the spark alive after all these years (we will have been married 14 years in July & together for a total of 20!). She was asking because her new marriage, is on the rocks...  I felt honored that she opened up to me with such a vulnerable topic & after sharing a few words of encouragement, the subject changed & the party continued.

The very next day at church, she was on my mind- I keep thinking how much I wished she were there with me to experience all that Pathways has to offer. I couldn't get her & her troubles off my mind. It kept nagging me that I needed to invite her to come to church with us...  I feel that we have always had a good relationship, one full of love & commitment, but it was when we joined Pathways & committed to the church & to God, that something deepened within our relationship. It's hard to put into words, but my relationship with God has made me love my husband more, love my family more, & love my life more & I thought I was already "there"...  This is made want my co-worker to have the same with her husband...  She said herself she's "trying to find herself & who she really is". What better way to do that, than to find God?!?!? 

The very next day, I marched into work & she was the first person I saw... I told her I had been thinking about her all weekend & I invited get to come to church with us...  She was very receptive & a few days later, thanked me for my kindness & invitation & said she'd like to join us sometime (however, we didn't set up a date). Well, yesterday when I got to work, I was pulling my Easter service/egg hung postcard out of my purse, when it slipped out of my hand, fluttered to the floor, & literally slide over to her feet!!!  I laughed & said "funny how this landed right at YOUR feet!  When are you coming to church with me???"  She laughed as well & said that if that wasn't a sign, she doesn't know what is!!!!  And yes, I believe that was God at work... 


Michelle Vanderlinden