It was put on our hearts to sponsor a child through compassion international.  We went to the table with our son and picked a boy from Asia.  Our son had quite a few questions about who this was.  We were explaining that Jesus has blessed us so much and this boy doesn't have what he needs because his mommy or daddy can't give that to him, so we need to help him.  He asked why the boy was standing there and why his parents can't give him what he needs, etc.  Since yesterday Sayan's card (the boy we sponsor) has been at the table with us when we eat and our son has been praying for him.  What an amazing surprise to see how much compassion our not yet 3 year old has for this boy he doesn't even know.  He can't wait to color him a picture and send a picture of our family to him.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for our family to help Sayan!


Michelle Vanderlinden