Can't Afford NOT to Tithe

I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage in 2013. I was paying all the bills while only receiving a little bit of money from my husband. I eventually told him he need to move out because of infidelity. I was running low on money and never knew where my dogs were gonna get their next bag of food or where I was gonna get the next dollar to pay the next bill. Someone asked me if I was tithing and I said no. I can't afford to tithe. I can barely pay the bills I have. They told me that I can't afford NOT to tithe. This is the only area where we can test God. So I decided to test God for 30 days. In that time I received rebate checks I forgot about, I got a job 2 days after losing my job of 6 years, there was a $30 gift card on my front door for Pet Supplies Plus with a box of toilet paper, Kleenix, and laundry soap. God was pouring out His blessing to me every time I turned my back.

After my divorce I knew God would still take care of me and I continued to tithe even off child support. I always have money in my account. When I had lost my job and was on unemployment I was blessing others with the little money I had to pay bills and God STILL blessed me. I received a check in the mail from auto insurance for having accidents free, and another check from another financial institution.

GOD IS GREAT! You CAN'Tafford not to tithe!


Michelle Vanderlinden