Pathways Kids Influence

So today I was volunteering at Alex's school and there is another child in his class from pathways. I was so proud of them both.

We do small groups at school where there are three leaders and the kids are all broke up into groups of three and swap around the room. So these two were put together for the first time ever of me helping out (I help every Thursday so this is rare) Anyways I've heard them both previously talk on their own about church but most of the time the conversation dies quick because well... It just does.

So the fun part today was one of them brought up church and basically the entire 20 minutes of group time the two of them kept talking none stop about church and how fun it is and what they learn about. It was really cool to watch and witness such young minds open up and feel comfortable because they weren't alone about their excitement and love for Jesus and our church.

Such a great moment. wish I could have videoed it for you so you could see how awesome Pathways Kids really influences the minds and hearts of the kids you impact. Really inspired me a ton. Thanks to you and the entire pathways kids team for doing what you do.


Michelle VanderlindenComment