Did you know that there are nearly 163 million children around the world who are orphans?

Did you know that vulnerable children, with few means of supporting themselves, are often forced to work as street vendors, beggars, domestic servants, or given over to the sex trade and become victims of human trafficking?

Did you know that every few seconds, an orphan dies from malnutrition, and that malnutrition plays a part in more than half of all child deaths worldwide?

How Can You Help?

Now that you know the know the facts, here's what you can do! Pathways Kids has come alongside an amazing organization called Rice Bowls to provide food for orphaned children around the world. Throughout the months of June and July, Pathways Kids will be collecting money in small "Rice Bowl Banks" that will then be sent around the world to provide locally sourced meals to kids who have been abandoned by their parents and thankfully accepted by orphanages. These orphanages need our help! Rice Bowls has worked hard to offer ways to provide food for these orphanages and also help the community in which they reside by purchasing locally produced vegetables and fruit. This helps provide nutritious meals for the kids and helps the community in which they live. For EVERY $30 collected we will be able to provide a month's worth of locally grown nutritious food for an abandoned child.

We would love to have you join us in collecting funds to help these incredible children. Our goal is to raise enough funds to provide 20 kids with three months worth of food ($1800). With that being said, from June 9 through July 28, Pathways Kids will be given a special rice bowl collection bank to collect funds which will be sent around the world. If you don't have (or know of) a child collecting funds, you can give online. Together we can make a difference!

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