Drumline - Respect - Elementary August 2017

When it comes to people, everyone is important for two reasons: God made them in His image and Jesus died for them. That's why respect is also a reflection of the character of Christ in us. When we see people like Jesus sees them, we can show everyone they matter to God.

We'll be learning about the Roman Commander, who respected Jesus' authority to heal his servant and had faith that Jesus could do it. The early church also had struggles with respecting people who were different than them. James wrote to the church telling them that it's what's on the inside that shapes our respect for others.

We'll also be learning about God's clear instruction to honor our parents. Both Paul and Moses wrote about this. Showing respect to your parent's can be difficult, but it's something God wants us to do. Since God put us in our families, we pray that our kids will start to understand how respecting their parents is directly related to how they can show respect to God.

David is a great example of respecting people that God put in charge. We'll be looking at the story of David when he was on the run from King Saul. He had a clear shot at Saul, but he chose not to take it. He decided to respect the position that God gave King Saul.

RESPECT is a response to the character of God. RESPECT means to show others they are important to by what you say and do. We should show RESPECT to God because He's in charge of everything.

Our Memory Verse for the month of August comes from 1 Peter 2:17. "Show proper respect to everyone." (NIrV)

God is the all powerful Creator of the Universe. There is no one else who has the position or power of God. We can't help but to respond to Him with respect.

Alli OravecComment