Kids Rock! - Preschool July 2017

Kids Rock! But you knew that, didn't you? You're surrounded by rockin' kids all the time! We're excited to celebrate kids with a rocking good time this summer.

Throughout the summer, our preschoolers will be introduced to people in the Bible who did amazing things while they were still kids. They rocked because they did what God wanted them to do, and our preschoolers can do that too.

In July, Daniel, Miriam, Josiah, a young boy and his lunch, and Timothy will continue to help our preschoolers learn that they can do what God wants them to do.

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give your preschooler a first look at the God who loves them, made them, and wants to be their friend forever. 

Alli OravecComment