The Great Adventure - Preschool October 2016

This month is all about one man, one GREAT adventure. This month, were talking about Moses! What a guy. What a life. What an adventure! God spoke to Moses through a burning bush (you don't see that every day!). And Moses watched God part a sea (you don't see that every day either!). 

Think about all that Moses would have missed if he had said "no" to God's plan...
No pillar of cloud in the day.
No fire at night to guide him.
No water from a rock when he was thirsty
No leading God's people. 

He would have missed out on the greatest adventure he could have ever imagined. One thing is for sure, we don't want your preschoolers to miss out on one moment of the great adventure God has planned for them. That's why we have filled an entire month with activities and stories and music that will help us all remember that God's way is perfect.

God's way is perfect! God's way is right! God's way is awesome! And God will show us the way.

Alli OravecComment