Fear Inc. - Courage - Elementary October 2016

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a superhero. Most of the time, it's lie they act without a single ounce of fear. They see a problem, and without thinking, they jump to rescue to save the day, conquering evils and injustices in their tracks.

But I'm not a superhero. In fact, none of us will ever be a superhero or have some super-human power from an alien planet or a radioactive spider bite. But with or without the super powers, we will face moment in out lives when it feels like the odds will not be in our favor, the obstacles will seem overwhelming, and we will have to overcome that which seems impossible. And when those moments happen, where will we find the courage we need to face the every day enemies or evils in this life?

In truth, we're all called to do heroic things every day. And those moments can be scary.

One of the most difficult things we will ever learn to overcome is fear. In fact, it's unrealistic to expect anyone to become completely fearless. That's why our goal as leaders and parents should be to help our children not to become completely paralyzed by those fears, but learn what to do in the face to them.

That's why we're taking the month of October to discover what God says about courage - being brave enough to do what you should do, even when you're afraid.

Think about that - even when you're afraid. The truth is, you WILL be afraid. So, the question is, when fear is present, where do you find the courage to stand up, push through, or keep going?

The Bible is filled with passages reminding us that we can and should be strong and courageous. Throughout the Psalms, we find that God is our refuge and strength. We can put our trust in Him because He will deliver us. Paul, in his letters to the churches, tells us to be anxious for nothing, to be strong in the Lord, and to remember that if God is for us, nothing can stand against us. Jesus comforts us when He tells His disciples that they have nothing to fear in this troubled world because He has overcome the world. 

Our goal as parents and leaders is not to raise superheroes, but raise every day heroes. We want our children to grow up facing the world with a different kind of courage - courage to stand up against the bully, courage to speak for the sake of others who may not have a voice, courage to refuse to do the wrong thing even though the crowd seems to be pushing them in that direction.

We need our children to understand that, because they believe and trust in God, they have a unique source of strength and courage. There will be times when we're going to be afraid. But we can trust God that is bigger than us, and can put out hope in a God who is with us and is in control of every situation. Because of God, we can find the strength to be courageous, every day heroes.

This month, we'll take a look at some every day heroes from the Old Testament, men and women who had no super powers except for the fact that they knew God had a mission for them and they trusted in His promise to always be with them. We can't wait to hear how God shows up in the lives of families and kids when they study these stories, trust God, and show courage in the situations they face.

Alli OravecComment