Creation Station - Preschool June & July 2016

It’s time for one of our favorite themes of all time—Creation Station! We can’t wait for your preschoolers to see the amazing train cars we’ve created for them this year. Each train car depicts a different day of creation in a fun and imaginative way. We will talk about how God made everything - the sun, moon, planets, stars, clouds, rain, animals, oceans, flowers, you, me.....and everything!

Every week, you will introduce your preschoolers to one day of creation. Now, don’t panic because there aren’t enough days in June to cover all the days. The Creation Station series will run through all of July as well. And, We’ll let you in on a little secret—when we get to day six, we’ll stay there for two weeks so we can emphasize the special relationship God has designed for us to have with Him.

Nate FietzerComment