Hand In Hand - Preschool November 2016

This month, we're helping preschoolers learn to say thank you for the people who help them. And there are a lost of people who help our preschoolers!

First, there's family. I mean, family is on top of the list! Our preschool friends will hear how Aaron helped his brother Moses this month. Then, there are community helpers around us who help us just as Nehemiah's community helped him rebuild the wall. There are all kinds of other people helping preschoolers by giving them what they need - people like you! You give them hugs, snacks, and best of all, God's true stories! We need all kinds of people to help us! Elisha got some great help from a woman who prepared an entire room for him. And last, but not least, preschoolers need friends. We all need friends! Friends help us have fun, do what's right, and they come in handy when we forget our snack. I'm pretty sure Elijah was thankful for his new friend, the widow, when she shared her food.

Our preschoolers need help, tons and tons of help. And we want them to grow up with eyes that see the people who help them and a heart that says thanks. That's the goal this month!

Alli OravecComment