Stand UP! - Elementary - June & July 2015

Can you imagine what it would be like to be a superhero?

Superheroes stand up for what was right—even when the situation is dangerous or scary. Their conviction drives them to find the courage to stand up to evil, even when no one else seems to care or stands by petrified in fear.

That’s why we’re taking the months of June and July to discover what it means to Stand Up: Get in the Story as we learn more about conviction.

Conviction is standing for what’s right, even when others don’t.  Let’s take Jesus for example. Even for Jesus, the Son of God, it wasn’t always popular to do the right thing. No matter what it was that Jesus needed to do, He did it because it was the right thing to do.  

Jesus was able to live with conviction because He knew the will of His Father, and that gave Him strength and courage. In the same way, God has given us the ability to know what is right and the ability to do it. You see, when we are fueled by God’s character, we will stand up for the things that matter to God."

June 7
Bible Story: Jesus in the Garden • Matthew 26:36-46
Bottom Line: Jesus showed us how to stand for what's right. 

June 14
Bible Story: Daniel Trained in Babylon  • Daniel 1
Bottom Line: When you know what God says, it can help you stand for what's right. 

June 21
Bible Story: Daniel Interprets a Dream • Daniel 2 - Statue Dream
Bottom Line: When you stand for what's right, you stand up for others. 

June 28
Bible Story: The Fiery Furnace  •  Daniel 3 
Bottom Line: When you stand for what's right, others can see God.

July 5
Bible Story: Daniel Interprets Another Dream • Daniel 4 - Tree Dream
Bottom Line: If you wan to stand for what's right, listen to someone who listens to God. 

July 12
Bible Story: The writing on the Wall • Daniel 5
Bottom Line: You can stand for what's right, even when it's not popular. 

July 19
Bible Story: Daniel in the Lion's Den • Daniel 6
Bottom Line: Get in the habit of standing for what's right.

July 26
Bible Story: Peter and John Before the Sanhedrin • Acts 3:1-9, Acts 4:1-21
Bottom Line: We can stand for what's right because Jesus is alive. 

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