Happy Helpers Club - Preschool - May 2015


At a young age, children start saying, “I help,” and it’s our responsibility to teach them how to help. God wants them to help others, to think of others before themselves, we want to help you this month make sure they know how to do it!

Here’s how:

May 3  
Weekly Focus: I can help my family.
Bible Story: Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz • Ruth 1 & 2

May 10
Weekly Focus: You can lead others to help        
Bible Story: Nehemiah • Nehemiah 1–6

May 17
Weekly Focus: Do what you can to help.     
Bible Story: Elisha’s Room • 2 Kings 4:8-17

May 24
Weekly Focus: You can help even when it’s hard.      
Bible Story: Aaron helps Moses • Exodus 17:8-13

May 31
Weekly Focus: I can be a Happy Helper.     
Bible Story: Happy Helper Party

Keep the conversation going at home.

As we seek to teach your children about God’s love for them, we know that no one has more influence in their lives than you. We want to partner with you by providing monthly resources for you and your child to connect. Check out the following ways you can keep the conversation going throughout the week!