Tangled - Elementary - May 2015

Honesty really is a big deal. That’s why we’re spending the month of May talking about it. Honesty is choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

When we’re honest, when our words line up with our actions, people know they can trust us. Our relationships grow stronger. God understands the relationship between honesty and trust. This is something God set into motion in the first place.

Since the beginning, God has been in the business of making and keeping promises.

That’s really it, isn’t it? God is honest. He has proven from the beginning that He can be trusted—even to the point of sending His Son. And we’re called to reflect the image of God to a world around us that is desperate for people who will live with integrity.

We want to help you lead your kids to begin building the kind of lives that show they can be trusted. Because they know the One who can be trusted above any other.

May 3
Bible Story: Walk This Way (Integrity Principle) • Proverbs 10:9, NIrV
Bottom Line: Being truthful helps you stay out of trouble.

May 10
Bible Story: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Jacob tricks Isaac) • Genesis 27:1-45
Bottom Line: When you are not truthful, you can hurt the people you care about.

May 17
Bible Story: Liar, Liar (Naaman and Elisha’s Servant, Gehazi) • 2 Kings 5
Bottom Line: When you are not truthful, you lose trust.

May 24
Bible Story: Backfired (Haman’s Plot Against the Jews) • Esther 3; 4:8b; 5:6-10; 6:6-11; 7:1-6, 9b-10
Bottom Line: When you lie to help yourself, you hurt yourself instead.

May 31
Bible Story: Tangled Up in God (Confession/Being Honest with God) • 1 John 1:9
Bottom Line: Being truthful with God keeps you close to Him.

Keep the conversation going at home.

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