Go & Tell - Preschool April 2015

Happy Easter! Jesus is alive! We want to shout it from the mountaintops which is our theme this month is called “GO & TELL!” Throughout the month of April we will share timeless stories of brave men and women who told others about Jesus!

Preschoolers this month will hear the great commission—how Jesus asked His disciples to “go and tell” everyone everywhere about Him. They will learn about Peter, who was put in jail because he was so good at “going and telling,” and the angel God sent to free him. They will hear about Paul and Silas who were also amazing at the “go and tell” mission and hear about how God sent an earthquake to free them from jail. Through each of these stories we pray that our children will learn that God wants us to “go and tell” also, and that He is with us as we do.

This Month’s Basic Truth: Jesus wants to be my Friend forever!

This Month’s Memory Verse: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19, NIV

April 5th

Weekly Focus: Jesus wants me to tell others about Him.

Bible Story: Easter • Matthew 26:20-30; 27:45-50; 28:1-7

April 12th

Weekly Focus: Jesus wants to be everyone’s friend.

Bible Story: The Great Commission • Matthew 28:19-20

April 19th

Weekly Focus: God helps me tell others about Jesus

Bible Story: Peter Put in Jail • Acts 12:1-17

April 26th

Weekly Focus: I can tell others about Jesus even when it’s hard.

Bible Story: Paul and Silas • Acts 16:16-34

Keep the conversation going at home.

As we seek to teach your children about God’s love for them, we know that no one has more influence in their lives than you. We want to partner with you by providing monthly resources for you and your child to connect. Check out the following ways you can keep the conversation going throughout the week!