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Our mid-week gathering is designed to reach middle school students at their current stage in life. 6th, 7th and 8th graders are at a much different place in life than a senior in high school, which is why we provide two unique experiences for middle school and high school students that happen at the same time and at the same location. Every mid-week gathering begins with a time of worship where both middle school and high school students are together. We then split the group for more age appropriate activities. The middle school teaching time begins with an exciting game to engage students and make it a fun experience. The message is applicable to their daily life. They also break into small groups by grade to discuss the message and hang out. 



In our Middle School ministry, we seek to grow a strong, gospel-centered foundation in our students through learning the Word of God and experiencing Biblical community in small groups. Our small groups are divided by grade so students can connect with others their age. During this time, groups will play games, get to know each other, discuss the message, and spend time praying together. Guys and girls are together in a group, but discuss topics separately when necessary. Our hope is to partner with parents in helping students grow with each other, their leaders, and most importantly God.



We believe going on mission is an important experience for young Christ-followers. When students are exposed to different cultures, parts of the country, and people in need, their faith becomes real to them. Students are challenged to share their faith and figure out what they truly believe on these trips. Middle school students have the opportunity to go on their first mission trip once they have completed sixth grade. Our teams meet regularly to be trained and equipped for the trip they will go on. Our middle school students go on a local trip either in Wisconsin or around the Midwest which lasts no longer than one week. These trips are a great way to teach young students the importance of serving! 


It is our goal to partner with parents as we lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus. Parents are the primary spiritual leaders in a student's life and we want to help you fulfill that mission. 

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