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Middle School Students


Pathways Students is a Wednesday worship environment specifically tailored to students. With a dynamic worship experience—complete with a live band, inspirational speakers, real and authentic small group discussions, and fun, high energy games—students explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make.

Our goal is to create environments where students are encouraged to make wise choices, positively influence their friends, and experience personal ministry through serving others.

Pathways Students meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-8PM at Pathways Church.

Contact Pastor Ben with any questions.


Upcoming Events

Current Series

No two worlds seem further apart than the worlds of science and faith. In fact, sometimes the two seem so far apart that it feels like we have to pick a side. But are science and faith really as far from each other as we’ve been led to believe? In this series, we’ll discover that the more we learn about the way the world works, the more we’ll learn about the One behind it all.

What to Expect

Wednesday at Pathways Students  is the best night of the week because it’s when we connect with our friends, learn something new, and have lots of fun! Our time together includes both large group and small group.

We start the night in our large group environment, where we sing some songs and hear practical teaching that everyone can apply to their upcoming week. During small group, we reinforce what was communicated in large group. We provide time for every student to connect with their peers and certified and background checked adult leaders. This is how they experience life change, build community, and create the best night of the week!


 Your First Visit


The Pathways Students entrance is at the far right. (the doors that are off of the visitor parking lot - closest to Richmond) 

Look for the area designated for first-time check in. We will meet your student and check them into our database system. Then one of our certified volunteers will connect with them and connect them with other students. 

We will ask for the following personal information: name, address, email, grade, school, and birth date. 

If you would rather fill out this form, you can do that here! 

Small Groups

We believe that every student needs a consistent and caring leader and a predictable and safe community where they can grow spiritually. This is why we at Pathways Students believe that Small Groups are the best way to meet this need. 

Small Groups are at the core of Pathways Students. They're made up of a consistent group of students and led by committed adult leaders. These groups are designed to create a safe environment for students to have real, authentic conversations and to ask hard questions about their faith. Our hope is to energize students to connect with their peers and give them a vision of who they were created to be.


Partnering with Parents

We as a church only get on average get about 40 hours of potential influence with students each year, parents or guardians get on average 3,000 hours of potential influence. We believe what happens at home matters more than what happens in our environments. This is why we want to partner with you! We have resources that include family activities, conversation guides, parent blog and more!

To schedule a coffee with Pastor Ben or get a tour of our facilities click here

Check out the resources below.

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As students get connected to a small group they will learn how vital it is to have a relationship with Jesus. As they start discussing this with you, use these guides to help you navigate your conversation.


Serving Opportunities


When Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, he wasn't joking. There are over 18,000 kids under the age of 18 in the City of Appleton. That's a lot of kids who need to know they are loved, accepted and valued. They need to hear the gospel. They need you!

That can seem overwhelming, but WE CAN DO MORE TOGETHER! We can reach hundreds and even thousands of those students with your help. No matter your gifts or talents, there is a place for you on the team. 


There is no prior experience needed (we will fully train you) and it's not a lifetime commitment. If you would like more information, simply let us know by filling out this form!


Jesus said he came to serve, not to be served. If we want our lives to reflect Jesus, serving others is an important step. The easiest way for our students to start serving in the church is with Pathways Kids or Pathways Students.

If you’re interested in serving, please complete the application. A staff member from the designated ministry area will contact you about available volunteer positions. Apply here!


Pathways Students partners with YouthWorks to offer opportunities for students to grow in their faith by serving here, there and everywhere. Giving students the chance to get outside their comfort zones, experience another culture, and shift their attention from themselves to others provides the catalyst for life change. Watch for more information on upcoming Pathways Students mission trips.

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